Tips for Effective Communication with Your Virtual Team

1. Create a list of all tasks with as much description as possible in software (for example Asana) or ask your VA to do so.

2. Add due day and time to each task.

3. Do not be surprised if your Virtual Partner is asking you a lot of questions.

***(It is their job to do the task as best as possible and this is one way of ensuring it is done better.)

4. In order to communicate even more effectively consider using video recording to describe your needs.

5. If you ask your VA to do research on something, such as find the right software for your business/companies/content, give an example of what you need.

6. If your project requires knowledge about a specific field, aside from giving tips to the Virtual Partner, also give them time to read up and prepare themselves.

***(It is also a good idea, if this task is for VA, to check in with you to review something after a couple of hours of work, to see it is being done correctly. This way you can always steer them back on course.)

7. Do communicate via email, Whatsapp, Slack, Skype, or other channels but make sure key communication happens through your task software (for example Asana) if you want a clear track record alongside your tasks.

8. Do weekly and monthly meetings to review the communication of tasks and plan future work with your Virtual Partner.

9. Discuss your Virtual Partner's schedule and availability so you know when to expect answers to your emails/requests/questions.

10. Thank your Virtual Partner for any work he/she was completed and provide positive and constructive feedback.